Over 25% of the UK's seaborne trade comes through the Humber ports, making them a vital import gateway. The port of Immingham is the UK's largest port by tonnage, and Global Warehousing and Storage is located only 1 mile away. To provide a fully comprehensive service, GWS is excited to announce that we now offer an independent and reliable bonded warehouse solution. 

The UK imported over £ 890 billion of goods in the last 12 months, so reliable bonded warehousing is essential to our country's economy. With the integrated on-site customs expertise from GB Customs Clearance Ltd, GWS has ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facilities) that helps streamline businesses' importing processes. 

Our new customs-bonded warehouse gives businesses access to fully secure and accredited storage within minutes of goods arriving at the port. 

What is Bonded Warehousing? 

Simply put, a bonded warehouse is a secure space to store goods that are liable for import duty and VAT charges. Customs and VAT duties can be deferred until goods are sold or moved from the bonded warehouse.

Businesses that are importing goods into the country must be aware of specific rules and procedures. Using an independent customs bonded warehouse with customs clearance agents on-site can be hugely beneficial to importers. 

Bonded Warehouse in Immingham. Aerial view across secure warehouse site.

HMRC Compliant Warehousing

Regulating the movement of goods in and out of the country is essential to preventing illegal activities such as smuggling and fraud. HMRC is responsible for ensuring that businesses comply with customs formalities, enforces customs control and collects revenue to promote easy trade and minimise risks. 

Your business needs to ensure that any goods that are brought into the UK are cleared and comply with regulations set out by HMRC. A trustworthy bonded warehouse also needs to prove that it is compliant with HMRC guidelines. GWS has invested in partnerships, training and facilities to provide businesses with a fully compliant and secure bonded warehouse solution.  

How a Bonded Warehouse benefits you

GWS has a 23-acre site with flexible, fully secure storage that is ideally located for fast access to the UK's road network. Now, GWS is fully approved by HMRC and UKWA to handle bonded goods in the UK. So, how can the friendly team at GWS help you with customs-bonded storage, and how does this benefit your business? 

Manage your Cash Flow

Looking after your cash flow is a crucial part of keeping your business moving. With bonded warehousing, you can defer customs clearance and VAT charges for up to 90 days. This means that you can have more of your working capital available to invest in other areas of your business. You will only have to pay your import and VAT charges once you sell your product, so you have tighter control over your finances. 

Improved Security

Security is essential in any warehouse provision, but with bonded warehousing, protection of stock is of the highest priority. Goods in bonded warehouses are often high-value or desirable, so proving high security levels is part of the accreditation process. GWS has a security gatehouse that is manned 24/7 and has fully secure perimeter fencing. With bonded warehousing, companies can feel peace of mind that their stock is well protected until they are ready to be moved. 

Streamlined Customs Formalities

Preparing customs paperwork can be incredibly time-consuming, and without the relevant expertise, mistakes are easy to make. Businesses know that errors in customs formalities can cause costly and lengthy delays in releasing goods ready for sale. Bonded warehouses, like ours at GWS, have integrated customs clearance experts to ensure that the passage of your goods runs smoothly. 

Avoid Port Delays

Your supply chain relies on the fast and effective movement of goods. Delays at the port can cause all sorts of problems for your business further down the line. Moving goods into a bonded warehouse means that you can take care of those customs formalities at a later date. You can then avoid any potential delays at the port. 

Manage Seasonal Sales

Importing goods from around the world requires a lot of strategic planning to ensure that you have your stock when you need it. This can be particularly difficult for businesses that experience seasonality in their sales patterns. Our new bonded warehouse can help manage the flow of your inventory. 

Importing goods early and deferring import charges helps you to keep on top of supply and demand. Your business can import goods and defer the payment of customs duties and VAT charges until you have sold the stock. 

External warehousing allows your business to cope with seasonal fluctuations in the movement of stock. GWS gives your business the flexibility to handle the peaks and troughs of your sales patterns and optimise your supply chain. 

Image shows secure caged area of ETSF bonded warehouse in Immingham

Reliable Bonded Warehousing in Immingham

GWS has over 30 years' experience in providing safe and secure warehousing space to businesses around the UK. Our friendly team take care of your product to ensure the smooth running of your business. With our new bonded warehousing facility, we support your business with streamlined customs formalities with the experts at GB Customs Clearance LTD. The experienced team, based at our site in Immingham, handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation so you can get on with running your business. 

Our expansive site is just one minute away from the Port of Immingham, giving you fast access to efficient storage. Our distribution centre can also access 75% of the UK within 2 hours. 

If you rely on importing goods, GWS can offer a fast and efficient bonded warehouse solution that you can trust. Contact us today to arrange a competitive quote.