Flexible bulk warehousing for forest products

GWS has expert product handling skills to manage the storage of products from forestry industries. We are a storage and warehousing solution with the equipment to store and handle bulky goods safely. Our years of experience in bulk storage solutions gives our customers the peace of mind that their goods will always be kept in top condition.

Our facility offers a strategic gateway to the UK’s main road networks, with access to 75% of the country within 2 hours. GWS is a seamless, reliable and cost-effective warehouse space located close to the Humber Ports. Our versatile warehousing and storage solution is completely scalable to handle large reels and pallets. We use a state-of-the-art warehouse management system with real-time visibility for complete efficiency.

The Port of Immingham is a leading importer of timber and paper products, and GWS is situated within 1 mile for fast access to quality storage. We also provide on-site customs clearance for convenient import and warehousing facilities.

GWS supports the forestry industry

Prime Location

Conveniently located within fast access to major ports

Versatile handling

Equipped to manage bulky goods, including reels of paper or large consignments of timber

Bonded warehousing

Defer payment of duties for up to 90 days to improve cashflow

Strategic logistics

Fast transport links, access 75% of the UK within 2 hours

24/7 security

Professionally manned secure gatehouse with HD-TV CCTV

Easy customs clearance

On-site customs agents with GB Customs Clearance Ltd for efficient movement of goods

Keeping your products safe

GWS is a fully monitored site with state-of-the-art 4GS-monitored fire detection to ensure that your product is safe at all times. Our site is staffed 24/7 and watched with HD CCTV, so you know your stock is in safe hands.

Whether you need to store large reels of paper or big consignments of timber, we have the expertise to store your product with care. We have the skills, the equipment and the passion to ensure safe and secure handling throughout our premises. Our warehouse site is also fully accredited with UKWA and BRC Gold Standard, so you know you are dealing with a team with experience.

We support importing and exporting with excellent customs clearance and bonded warehouse facilities. And with fast port access and incredible road links, your product has never been stored more conveniently.

Contact a member of our friendly team to arrange storing your product with people who have a passion for your product.