A total warehousing package

Packaging plays a huge part in the supply chain, so storing your product safely is essential. Global Warehousing & Storage has optimised warehousing space that is ideal for storing packaging products. We understand what the packaging sector needs for secure warehousing, we’ll keep your secure storage all wrapped up.

Strategically located close to the Humber Ports and the UK’s main road networks, keeps your supply chain moving. GWS ensures that your clients have the product they need, when they need it. Our versatile warehousing and storage solution is completely scalable to support the growth of your business or stock fluctuations. Our state-of-the-art warehouse management system gives with real-time visibility to plan your stock movements around the clock.

GWS is situated within 1 mile of Immingham Ports, meaning your products can go through a swift and secure import and export process. Add to that, our bonded warehouse solution helps to streamline your whole stock movement procedures. GWS is on hand to keep up with your fast stock movements.

GWS supports packaging producers

Prime Location

Based within fast access to major ports

Up-to-date Technology

Enhanced warehouse management systems (WMS)

Scalable Solutions

Up to 59,000sqft of storage

Strategic logistics

Easy reach of major road links and 75% of the UK within 2 hours

24/7 security

Professionally manned secure gatehouse with HD-TV CCTV

Bonded Warehousing

Defer payment of duties for up to 90 days

Speedy and convenient

Businesses in the packaging sector need storage solutions to be responsive; GWS, are one of the most flexible in the industry. Our site is fully accredited with UKWA and BRC Global standard for complete peace of mind. We are experienced at handling corrugated and solid boards. With our team of experienced product handlers and a totally secure site, you can trust that your packaging materials are well-protected.

If you are looking to store bulky paper goods, we have the expertise to store your product with care. We have the equipment and dedication to ensure safe and secure handling throughout our premises. And you can manage your inventory with total flexibility. We help you to handle fluctuations in your stock levels to keep up with client demand.

We make every effort to ensure that your business never stops moving. We support importing and exporting with excellent customs clearance and bonded warehouse facilities. And with fast port access and excellent road links, your product has never been stored more conveniently.

Contact a member of our friendly team to arrange storing your product with people who have a passion for your product.