Most say they are secure, we are secure!

Global Warehousing and Storage Ltd has the highest level of security in every area of the business, this is part of the service offering to you as a customer, our security is Platinum standard!

Most sites will say they are secure and will have monitored CCTV, most sites will have fencing and a locked gate after hours, most older warehouses do not have fire detection systems and therefore product may not be insured and is at a high risk of loss if a fire was to occur. Some customers do not even ask the question about the levels of security, we have gone one step further and have asked the questions ourselves, example: we asked the question if we were a high value goods manufacturer and need secure storage what security we would want for our product.

Our security

24/7 gatehouse security

Main entrance barrier access site with 24/7 site personnel security, vehicles are logged into the site system with authorisation access from our customers.

24/7 monitored CCTV

All warehouses are monitored internally and externally, there are multiple cameras to customers dedicated areas and these can be increased and tailored to suit. All exterior areas of the warehouses and traffic routes on site are covered giving reassurance of full coverage requirements.

External Security

The site utilises the services of a local security firm that visits the site across the year, this gives the site additional security presence.

Security Fencing / Compounds

The 23-acre site is surrounded by full 6-8ft high palisade fencing with natural barriers between the site and our neighbours giving the site additional security against trespassers. Additional security fencing and storage compounds can be added again on the customer’s specific requirements, we will invest and work with our customer’s needs.

Power Backup Generator

In 2022 the site invested in a full power back up generator, with the ever-present risk of power outages on the national grid we looked at business continuity of the site and its capability of running without interruption in the worst-case event of the grid going down. The back-up generator reacts immediately in the event of any power break and provides full support to the WMS, offices, and gatehouse security requirements.

Cloud WMS

The new WMS is cloud based and backed up daily, this again gives seamless usability, reassurance that in the event of a disaster, system going down the sites operations would continue as normal.

Warehouse Personnel

Our experienced warehouse teams are ever present across all warehouses and are the final piece of the jigsaw in security.

Your product is our priority, if you are concerned about your warehouse providers security credentials, please give one of our team a ring and we will be more than happy to ask the questions for you to make sure the product is safe but also insured, do not make assumptions when it comes to your products security.

Pest control

BRC standard warehousing and distribution site programme.

Monitored fire detection systems

With the site having a new warehouse built in 2022 and another being built in 2023 they have set the target high regarding technology, the new warehouses have state of the art externally monitored aspirated fire detection systems – these systems allow for immediate detection of heat or smoke by monitoring the air pressure, the system is monitored by 4GS and will immediately call our gatehouse team on activation for inspection. All the existing warehouses are now undergoing upgrades to the new specification and should be completed winter 2023.