Supporting the customs clearance of your product

At Global Warehousing and Storage, we support the smooth import and export of goods with a dedicated in-house customs provision. Partnering with GB Customs Clearance Ltd, we have the expertise to complete customs paperwork and other customs formalities. We also have bonded warehouse facilities that are approved by HMRC and UKWA for the safe storage of bonded goods in the UK.

Customs and VAT payments can be a real headache, particularly if you don’t get them right. So, we provide an in-house service to help with tricky paperwork to make sure that your supply chain keeps moving. Our partners, GB Customs Clearance Ltd, are available to make importing and exporting goods easier. We can help provide import declarations, export declarations, transit documents, CFSP, safety and security declarations, ATA Carnet Clearance and EUR.1s, among other documents.

As well as providing you with all the paperwork for the stress-free movement of your products, we have an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF). We’ll provide your business with a 90-day customs fast-track facility to help manage your import and export function. Goods stored within our top-quality bonded warehouse can have import duties and VAT payments deferred until the goods are sold or moved elsewhere.
We are approved by HMRC to handle UK customs charges and VAT. So, you can simplify your import and export processes by looking after VAT, customs duty and warehousing costs all under one roof.

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GWS and GB Customs Clearance Ltd

Efficient Location

Conveniently located within fast access to major ports

Customs Expertise

Partnered with GB Customs Clearance Ltd for expert completion of customs formalities

24/7 Security

Fully manned security gatehouse with fully secure perimeter fencing

Fast transport links

Our strategic location provides access to 75% of the UK within 2 hours

Improve Cashflow

Defer payment of import duties and VAT charges for up to 90 days

Streamlined supply chain

Avoid delays on your import and export function