External Storage

From hauliers, car transporters, building materials to steel our site can provide you a secure storage solution

24/7 site monitored CCTV with full external LED floodlighting to all of the site allows for safe container devanning / destuffing or loading and unloading of external product at early or late hours of the day.

Please ask your current provider if they can prove that only authorised vehicles are allowed onsite, if they can’t the site isn’t secure and your product is at risk of theft, ports and sites will not actively release information of product being stolen – We can guarantee product security inside or outside and this added value area cannot be underplayed, is it worth risking the loss of £10,000 of stock or a new trailer / truck / container full with cars for an additional charge of £1s per week?

Our values


GWS care for external product storage as much as we value our internal warehouse space, we will invest for customers with internal site fencing and electric gate access all dependant on customer requirements. We value long term relationships and see investment as a key driver.

We can guarantee product security outside

External secure storage is in demand and when the product can be stored outside it helps save the customer money, most sites are secure by having fencing a closed gate and CCTV, GWS Global Warehousing and Storage site is fully perimeter fencing secure with no access to the outer fencing, a 24/7 fully staffed secure gatehouse barrier system with fully monitored CCTV system with panic alarm direct to the Police.