Finding the right secure warehouse can be a tricky task, but is essential to the smooth running of your business. Every business has specific requirements, so a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always the right option. And with so many warehouse providers in the market, how do you know which is the best choice for you?

The Humber region, in particular, has a lot of warehouse options to choose from, so finding your way around them can be challenging. We have built up years of expertise in the warehousing industry with a team of skilled professionals. So, here are some pointers to help you find a suitable storage facility for your business.

Understanding Your Requirements

Before even looking into which warehouse you use, the first step is to fully understand what your requirements are. Look at the product you are looking to store, the volume of your inventory, and whether you have any special requirements. You may need temperature-controlled space or racked storage, and there are providers who specialise in this. If you have a lot of oversized items, your warehouse provider will need to have equipment to support the movement of these items. Do you regularly load and unload shipping containers? If so, your warehousing partner will need to have facilities to handle that.

Location, Location, Location

Where your chosen warehouse is situated is a massive consideration and can greatly impact the efficiency of your supply chain. Think about where your product is best placed strategically. This may not necessarily be in the same place as where your business is based. For example, your business could be based in a rural location, so considering having your warehouse closer to road links would be beneficial. Our secure warehousing facility is based within easy reach of the Port of Immingham and the UK’s motorway network, offering streamlined distribution for customers.

Security Measures

It seems obvious, but your secure warehouse storage solution ultimately needs to protect your stock. When choosing your warehousing partner, it is vital to check that they are equipped with up-to-date security systems. Ensure your inventory is suitably protected by surveillance cameras, access control systems and alarms. At GWS, our security is bolstered by our fully trained on-site security team, who physically monitor our site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Compliance and Certifications

Any reputable warehouse should be compliant with industry standards and regulations. Make sure your storage solution is up to scratch by asking about health and safety guidelines and environmental standards and asking for copies of industry-specific certifications. These guidelines not only ensure the safety of your product but also reflect the professionalism of your chosen partner.


The plan for any business is to achieve ongoing growth, right? So, your chosen warehouse needs to accommodate and support the growth of your business. Make sure that your warehouse provider is flexible enough to scale and respond to the needs of your business.

Technology Integration

The warehouse industry has changed incredibly with digital innovations to improve security and stock management. Efficient warehouses will employ Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that provide real-time tracking and data analysis to streamline your processes. As well as making your warehousing more efficient and cost-effective, a successful WMS will give you the insight to make sound business decisions.

Environmental Responsibility

Businesses have to think about their impact on the world around them, so your chosen warehouse provider needs to support your business’s sustainability. How does your potential warehouse support energy efficiency? Do they have any recycling initiatives in place? When you are looking for a business partner, you need to be sure they will help promote your business’s commitment to a greener planet.

Cost Analysis

Review the costs and pricing structure of the warehouses available. Think about the value and services a warehouse will add to your business.

There are many impacts on the costs of warehousing. The location of your proposed warehouse will influence the overall cost of the warehousing space. However, there are other factors to consider; the warehouse’s proximity to ports and road networks can save your business time and money.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

The success of a secure warehouse can often be determined by customer satisfaction. Look for testimonials and reviews from other users of your proposed warehouse provider. Feedback from other businesses who have used their services will give you honest and valuable insight into their services. You’ll get indispensable information on their reliability, customer service and overall performance.

Visit the Warehouse

With all the technological advances over recent years, it’s very easy to get caught up with a great-looking website or a virtual tour. Having this information at our fingertips without having to leave the office is brilliant. However, to get a real indication of a warehouse and its operation, it makes sense to step away from your desk and see it in person. By physically stepping foot into your proposed warehouse will give you a better insight into the facilities available. But not only that, you’ll get to know how the team there will work with you.

Convenient, secure warehousing in the Humber region

With so much choice available when it comes to secure warehousing and storage, it is important that you consider what you need from your storage facilities. Make sure your chosen secure warehouse supports your current needs and your future growth. A reputable warehouse provider, like GWS, will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and give you a tour of their facilities.

Our secure warehouse is situated within 1 mile of one of the UK’s largest ports with easy access to the country’s road network. Our experienced team of product handlers work around the clock to make sure your product is well looked after.

Based in Immingham in North East Lincolnshire, GWS offers top-quality and cost-effective storage to help you manage your stock efficiently. Speak to a member of our team today to start storing your product with care.