Efficient product handling in warehouses is critical for success. Warehouse practices such as proper layout, appropriate stacking and using suitable equipment contribute to successful product handling. By protecting products, training staff and having an effective warehouse management system will help your warehouse run efficiently.

Proper product handling is vital for ensuring goods aren’t damaged and reducing the time to move products. Both these factors benefit businesses and their customers by guaranteeing top-quality products with quick delivery. 

Well-organised, streamlined warehouse operation and experienced product handling significantly increase productivity and profitability. 

Improve product handling with an effective warehouse layout

A well-laid-out warehouse can make a huge difference in product handling efficiency. An organisational system should be in place so your warehouse staff can easily find where each pallet is stored. This means your staff spend less time searching for stock, saving your business money on labour costs. 

Not having to manoeuvre around obstacles makes everyone’s job easier. That’s why creating straight, wide and clear aisles helps the quicker movement of equipment and personnel. Time-efficient product handling optimises the overall flow of goods within the warehouse and storage facility. 

Protect stock with careful stacking and storage

When stacking and storing different pallets, it is important to think about the product on each pallet. It makes sense not to stack a heavier pallet on top of a lighter, more fragile one. Each pallet should also be stored so that they are easily accessible.

Mindful and accessible stacking prevents unnecessary damage and ensures smooth product handling. Preventing damage reduces time spent dealing with complaints and rectifying problems. Instead, your team can focus on the task at hand and on keeping everything running smoothly.

Best practices include using appropriate equipment

Equipment and machinery can speed up and simplify the product-handling process. However, the machinery required differs depending on warehouse size and storage method. 

A large warehouse with high vertical storage will require automatic or motorised product handling equipment, such as a forklift. There are many different types of forklifts, and a professional warehouse will have the relevant tools for the job. 

Forklifts are helpful when safely taking down heavy stock stored on high pallets. Forklifts also allow heavy inventory to be moved quickly across a great distance, making the overall product handling and transporting more efficient.

Forklift truck in a warehouse

Up-to-date, efficient warehouse management systems

As well as using appropriate equipment and machinery, you should also make the most of available technologies by investing in a warehouse management system (WMS). Technology has made considerable advancements in the warehouse and storage industry. An up-to-date WMS can even provide real-time visibility of inventory and orders.

With stock constantly moving in and out, it is essential to understand where your inventory is at any given time. A WMS can help you control and manage your stock and orders more efficiently to prevent overstocking. This will reduce wastage and lower warehouse costs as you are not paying to store stock you don’t need. 

Regular reviews

Regularly reviewing your storage facility allows for a thorough understanding of product handling and other warehouse services. 

An efficacy review can provide a baseline understanding of your facility's operations. Reviews can highlight what is and isn’t working in your warehouse and storage facility to guide improvements. 

Regular audits cover processes, equipment, compliances, safety and employee performance to ensure improvement practices are followed.

Staff training makes a difference

Well-trained staff are the foundation of efficient product handling and warehouse operation. Their knowledge and expertise significantly impact productivity due to reduced errors, quick work and overall efficiency. 

Continued training opportunities, safety updates and performance recognition of warehouse staff can increase motivation. This, in turn, increases efficiency and improves product handling operations. 

At GWS, we understand the vital role played by our warehouse and storage team. That is why we are dedicated to training the next generation of staff. Our continual investment in staff training means that our skillset will be transferred across our site for years to come. Staff training allows the GWS team to continue offering cost savings while delivering first-rate product handling services.

Warehousing staff checking stock

Experienced product handling at GWS

At GWS, we understand the importance of our customers' products which is why we are passionate about handling your product with care.

Our team has over 100 years of experience in the warehouse and storage industry, with our senior staff members having over 30 years each. 

We offer flexible bulk pallet storage solutions within 1 mile of Immingham Port, which has access to Europe and beyond. Goods from our warehouses can reach 75% of the UK within 2 hours. Our location makes the quick transportation of goods quick, simple and efficient.

Contact our friendly team today to learn how GWS can support your warehouse and storage needs.